Though products may drive sales, they alone cannot create loyalty. A company is a culture, a group of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs. They are beautiful designed, simple to use and user-friendly. It is the partnership of the future and talent to get it done that makes an organization great. Are you with the majority or are you a contrarian? We believe in thinking differently. Absent the proper language to share our deep emotions, our purpose, cause or belief, we tell stories. Gaining clarity of WHY is not the hard part. Only when the WHY is clear and when people believe what you believe can a true relationship develop. Generally, manipulations work well for one-time transactions (e.g. It’s not WHAT Apple does that distinguishes them. Apple marketed the iPod instead as “1.000 songs in your pocket”: WHY we needed. When most companies and people think, act or communicate they do so from the outside in, from WHAT to WHY. Simon Sinek says that’s not just his opinion but it’s rooted in biology and the drive to belong. Simply offering a high-quality product with more features or better services or a better price does not create difference. We use symbols. Neither are better, Simon Sinek says, it’s about where you feel like you belong. Chapter 8 - Start With WHY, But Know HOW Energy Excites. Clarity of purpose, cause or belief is important, but it is equally important that people hear you. The more clear they can be, the better, Chapter 4 – This is Not Opinion, This is Biology, Chapter 5: Clarity, Discipline &Consistency. Service was his higher cause. Check my book summaries page. Of course, you should know your competitors, but companies with a strong sense of WHY don’t obsess with “being different”, they focus on their thing and just are different. Without a clear message – what will you amplify? It means that everything you say and everything you do you actually believe. This chapter course summary is for you to see all that you have learned in one central place. HOW shapes the systems and culture within a company (also read: The Culture Code). Those who work for Apple´s competitors, companies that have defined themselves as “computer manufacturers”, come to work to develop “more innovative” computers. Those who forget WHY they were founded show up to the race every day to outdo someone else instead of to outdo themselves. The former is motivated by tangible factors while the latter by something deeper in the brain, where we lack the capacity to put those feelings into word. Novelty can drive sales but the impact does not last. Beyond the structure and systems a company is nothing more than a collection of people. In Start With Why, Simon explains that behaviour is influenced in two ways; inspiration, or manipulation. And then Sinek quotes a famous Henry Ford annotation: “if I had asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse”. As a matter of fact, when you need a behavior to happen once only, then manipulations are the best way to go. In America, workers would take rubber mallets and tap the edges of the door to ensure that it fit perfectly. "at’s the obvious ‘why.’” First, money is a result. This book is about why and how inspiring leaders are the total opposite of everybody else? The hardest part is the discipline to trust one’s gut over outside advice (Steve Job’s example), and to stay true to your cause or belief. Gut decisions don’t happen in your stomach. As humans we crave the feeling and we seek it out. WHY doesn’t have to stay the same Sinek seems to imply that a WHY is fixed for all your life. Start With Why shows that the leaders who've had the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way -- and it's the opposite of what everyone else does. It is the cause that is represented by the company, brand, product or person that inspires loyalty. Innovators pursue new products or ideas aggressively and are intrigued by any fundamental advance; being first is a central part of our lives. His job description ran: “men wanted for hazardous journey. Now, Find Your Why picks up where Start with Why left off. Find a WHY -a purpose or belief- for your company and stay consistent to it in all you do, Find a WHY in your life and never forget about it for true happiness and passion, People buy WHY (what you stand for), not WHATs (products), looking at competitors to add features and benefits, only entrenches the WHAT culture, HOW types are more practical and more realist, we use stories and symbols to create a more tangible expression of our WHY. With that I mean that i haven’t spent any time on making it coherent and pretty to read. The vision is the founder’s intent, WHY the company was founded. People who love going to work are more productive and creative. Want to buy one? They are the ones who start with WHY. No, because it’s time-consuming, expensive and scatterbrained. They force us to take the more stressful and laborious route to decision making. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action tschmitt99. We make great computers. There are many ways to motivate people to do things, but loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people. Learn how your comment data is processed. Simon Sinek heavily cites Apple all across the book. and personal success. Billion dollar companies are usually born when a good WHY type meets a good HOW type (example of Walt Disney and Roy). Once you get enough of the 15-18% on the left side of the bell curve, they will encourage the rest to follow. Great leaders understand the value in the things we cannot see. a reward for returning a lost dog), but they do not build loyalty. The Golden Circle is a powerful tool that helps you run inspirational companies or become a great leader. Summary. Henry Ford: if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse. Tivo attempted to convince consumers to buy by telling them only WHAT the product did. Get enough of the people on the left side of the curve on your side and they encourage the rest to follow. He will no longer be the loudest part of the megaphone; he will become the source of message that is to flow through the megaphone. the book, but chapter references should be the same regardless of edition. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have total control of every aspect of your life, boy do we have a product for you. Before Talking about the book Start With Why Summary, let’s discuss the book author Simon Sinek.Simon is a British American Author, Motivational Speaker, and marketing consultant. Start with why Francis Madojemu “Brandoffon, el branding del futuro” Amaia Giralt. What does “Start With WHY” even mean? When you know your WHY, the highest level of confidence you can offer is: I know its right. Walmart is a more serious case. With tons of examples and real-life stories Start With Why will most likely open new doors of understanding for you both in psychology and in business. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. WHY it was founded in the first place. And we happen to make great computers. It’s in these conditions that manipulative strategies leveraging desires, fantasies or fears work. It’s the same for other brands who managed to build a following: Harley Davidson fits into a well-defined group and Prada fits the lifestyle of another group. That meaning lives in our minds, not in the item itself. As it grows the leader’s role changes. For the first few chapters, I did not feel that I was really getting any new information. For example, it gives companies greater ability to hire people who will thrive in the organization. They attempted to convince with features and benefits: Memorizes your viewing habits and records shows on your behalf without your needing to see it. Trust is a feeling, not a rational experience. Simon Sinek’s main motivation is to inspire leaders and organisations, to inspire others. It is something tangible, clearly defined and measurable. Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they are motivated people and inspire them. Do we really know why some organizations succeed and why others don´t, or do we just assume? Passion comes from feeling like you are a part of something that you believe in, something bigger than yourself. Loyalty, real emotional value, exists in the brain of the buyer, not the seller. Generally, manipulations work well for one-time transactions (e.g. Great leaders are those who trust their gut. The leader sitting at the top of the organization is the inspiration, the symbol of the reason we do what we do. When companies start with WHY, with what they believe, they will tap into our innate drive to include those products as symbols of our values and beliefs. Read this summary – and you’ll be inspired! The reason so many small businesses fail is because passion alone can’t cut it. The author holds a master's degree from La Sapienza, department of communication and sociological research, and is a member of the American Psychology Association (APA). Learning how to inspire with your WHY is a win-win for everyone. Should you get them all? Undoubtedly this book will answer many of your questions and keep you wondering “Why, How and What.” If you don’t know how to begin – Start With Why! And when that happens, price, quality, service and features become the primary currency to motivate a purchase decision. Here are some examples:• Fear is one of the most powerful forms of manipulation. Early adopters, like innovators but to a lesser degree, are willing to pay a premium or suffer some level of inconvenience to own a product or espouse an idea that feels right. Great leaders, in contrast are able to inspire people to act. What you do is to filter everything through your WHY. Only when the purpose, cause or belief is clear can a symbol command great power. In addition, we love the TED talk on this same topic. This book summary series is taken from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (2011). If things don’t go as expected, it’s probably because we’ve missed one. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. The why is tied to the oldest parts of our brain, the part that deals with emotion. For values or principles to be truly effective they have to be verbs. Bill Gates, in spite of being shy and awkward, is charismatic. Clarity, Discipline and Consistency PART 3 : LEADERS NEED A FOLLOWING 6. I always underlines what I think is important in the books i read. Your curiosity and knowledge is infinite, but your time is not. Download it below and print it off. He believes in a world where everyone is fulfilled by their work, that they know their ‘why’ and are constantly doing things that inspire them. And both have to keep in line at any stage. Nearly every company or organization starts the same way: with an idea. The PC is in a suit and looks grey and boring. Just to be clear, Simon Sinek says that manipulations also reach the limbic brain when they deploy fear, social pressure or aspirational messages. Simon Sinek says that achievement comes when you pursue and attain WHAT you want but success only comes when you are clear in pursuit of WHY you want it. The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. You are scaring me”. If your WHYs and their WHY correspond, then they will see your products and services as tangible ways to prove what they believe. At that point a company and its products have become commodities. This book summary series is taken from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (2011). START WITH WHY shows that the leaders who've had the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way -- and it's the opposite of what everyone else does. Since I already have the notes I thought that perhaps someone else could benefit from it. With each success, with every tangible demonstration that the vision can in fact become more reality, the more practical-minded majority starts to take interest. If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse. Book Author(s): Simon Sinek Ensuing from a cause bigger than yourself (your WHY). It’s not the case for Dell. When both are clear, it will help the WHY and HOW type to have a clear role in the partnership. An organization must work actively to remind everyone WHY the company exists. So it became a cutthroat business towards its suppliers, employees and the communities it joined. Symbols help us make tangible that which is intangible. 4. Before it can gain any power or achieve any impact, an arrow must be pulled backwards, 180 degrees away from the target. But make no mistake, this is also psychology and social-psychology as it deals with identities and social identities. Introduction: Why Start with Why? This Is Not Opinion, This Is Biology 52 655. Start With Why (2009) explains how clarity of WHY you do what you is the driving force for happiness, charisma, best in class marketing. Sinek starts with the example of car manufacturers. Manipulations lead to transactions, not loyalty. If the levels of the golden circle are in balance, all those who share the organizations view of the world will be drawn to it and its products like a moth to a light bulb. Sinek calls this powerful idea The Golden Circle, and it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired. Interestingly Simon Sinek says that HOW types can be very successful and make millions but rarely they build billion dollar businesses that change the world. Apples competitors lost their cause, they turned from companies with a cause into a company that sold products. Your curiosity and knowledge is infinite, but your time is not. And Simon Sinek adds: sure, you might get some Nutella every once in a while, but you know it’s a short term fix and not part of your WHY. We make assumptions about the world around us based on sometimes incomplete or false information – we make decisions based on what we think we know. The golden circle finds order and predictability in human behavior. when companies do not have a clear sense of why their customers are their customers, they tend to rely on a disproponiate number of manipulations to get what they need. People come to work knowing that their bosses, colleagues and the organization as a whole will look out for them. When everything proves your WHY, that’s authenticity. Since people are inspired and buy WHY you do it, companies that communicate from the WHY have huge flexibility in what they market: a company communicating from the WHY indeed never gets labeled by the WHATs. When employees belong, they will guarantee your success. There are those who decide to manipulate the door to fit to achieve the desired result and there are those who start from somewhere very different. Simon Sinek also speaks about the ways new ideas and products spread. Simon Sinek says that when you compete with others, nobody wants to help you, but when you compete with yourself, people take a liking on you. Year: 2011 When our decisions feel right, we are willing to pay a premium or suffer an inconvenience for those products. Those employees are more productive and innovative, and the feeling they bring to work attracts other people eager to work there as well. Apple simply doesn’t reverse the order of information, their message starts with WHY, a purpose, cause or belief that has nothing to do with WHAT they do. Manipulations don’t breed loyalty, although they can drive sales. I know, it may seem to be a little overkill but it helps me remember the details forever and not just get the big picture. This why, Simon Sinek says, we use stories and symbols to create a more tangible expression of our WHY. Individual decisions, efforts and behavior that support, benefit and protect the long-term interest of the organization as a whole. The people on the far right instead are never content and never loyal. Loyal customers often don´t even bother to research the competition. Start with Why created waves of discussion and change around our office. But The Golden Circle only works if all three elements--the WHY, HOW, and WHAT- … Inspiration only starts the process; you need something more to drive a movement. Authenticity is when you say and do the things you actually believe. If a company does not have a clear sense of WHY then it is impossible for the outside world to perceive anything more than WHAT the company does. You have to earn trust by communicating and demonstrating that you share the same values and beliefs. Better service. Ignore the competition. The pessimists are usually right, but it is the optimists that change the world. No matter where we go, we trust those with whom we are able to perceive common values or beliefs. Once that is established, only then should their skill set and experience be evaluated. And they all have to prove what you believe. And they increase the stress for both buyer and seller. Simon Sinek says there are two ways to companies attract customers: Manipulations are not actual “sticks” but sales, promotions, customer programs and similar. Manipulations and inspiration are similar, but not the same. What’s good for your competitors is not necessarily good for you. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Your curiosity and knowledge is infinite, but your time is not. Start with Why is a well-constructed, thought-provoking look at motivation and inspiration, filled with clear examples from not only the world of business, but also politics and society at large. Companies start with WHATs and HOWs because that’s what their customers ask for. The drive to win is not, per se, a bad thing. Be authentic. Chapter 9: Know WHY, Know HOW, Then WHAT? Consumers and investor are completely at ease with Apple offering so many different products in so many categories. And if it can do that for a commod- “This is important because our behavior is affected by our assumptions or our perceived truths. You have probably read that before starting any business endeavor you should do market research, know your customer and find your niche. The ability to motivate people is, in itself, not difficult. The farther right you go on the curve, the more you will encounter the clients and customers who may need what you have, but don’t necessarily believe what you believe. Harley Davidson is a more profound example of a significant logo: Harley Davidson embodies the values and lifestyle of the people wearing it. Sinek then introduces the diffusion curve. Peer pressure works not because the majority or the experts are always right, but because we fear that we may be wrong. 1. Assume You Know 11 2. Any organization can explain what it does; some can explain how they do it; but very few can clearly articulate why. The Golden Circle 37 4. Dell defined itself by WHAT they do. Better quality. I don’t need it. They tried expanding into different verticals, but quickly retreated to “focus on their core business”. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. Start With Why – Summary Simon Sinek says that people and organizations who can inspire us gives us a sense of purpose or belonging that has little to do with external incentives and benefits. And once you find and know your WHY, the hardest part is to remain authentic to it. The WHY starts within you. Adding a camera to a mobile phone is not an innovation – a great feature, but not industry altering. For every great leader, for every WHY-type there is an inspired HOW-type who takes the intangible cause and builds the infrastructure that can give it life. And it’s all scientifically sounding because it’s based on data. Without first understanding of WHY, the comparison itself is of no value on the decision maker. When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you. Here are some examples:• Fear is one of the most powerful forms of manipulation. – Say: find creative ways to solve problems, instead of innovation. And the opposite is true: that same drive to belong also make us feel what does not belong. If a customer feels inspired rather than manipulated to buy a product, they will be able to verbalize the reasons why they think what they bought is better. In Chapter 7, Sinek explains the Law of Diffusion of Innovations and how it directly applies to DVR brand Tivo. If you have the discipline to focus on the early adopters, the majority will come along eventually. Start With Why Summary. HOW are your values or principles that guide how to bring your cause to life. Start with Why Summary provides a free book summary and review, key takeaways, top quotes, author biography and other key points of Simon Sinek’s famous book. The logo embodies an entire value set – their own. Read more about Simon Sinek here. Start With Why: How to Present The Golden Circle Stephen Shedletzky. A company called ‘Creative’ developed a revolutionary 5GB portable MP3 player, but was never able to capture the world’s attention. This is not because they are better, but because markers or symbols of the values and beliefs we hold dear. People live their life to win. A logo can then become a symbol when it will inspire people to use it to say something about who they are. But how do you know that? Some marketing professionals will tell you Apple sells a lifestyle. Organizations use the tangible features and benefits to build a rational argument for why their company, product or idea is better than another. 83The Emergence of Trust 7. HOWs are the actions you take to realize that belief. Take note of the main theme. It is WHY they do it. What it believes. Volume is reasonably easy to achieve. Trust, says Simon Sinek, begins to emerge when we see that people and organizations are driven by reasons that go beyond the self-serving. And no one wants to help us. Every company knows WHAT they do because everyone can easily describe the products or the function they have within that organization. After all, these guys will do business with you anyway if you meet their requirements (and will switch at the drop of a hat when you won’t). Simon Sinek here talks about examples of a company who lost their WHY, either in a mishap -Volkswagen- or more seriously in their core values -Walmart-. Apple’s WHY is to challenge the status quo and empower the individual. Summary of Start With Why by Simon Sinek from Instaread is a comprehensive analysis of a self-help book for business leaders who are seeking ways to gain authenticity through a focus on the mai These companies inspire customer loyalty and get employee buy-in, and often become leaders in their field. Charisma commands loyalty while energy doesn’t. Start With Why proposes that “leaders who have had the greatest influence in the world…all think, act, and communicate in the same way – and it’s the complete opposite of what everyone else does.” The author, Simon Sinek, “calls this powerful idea The Those people who share Apple´s WHY believe they their products are objectively better. Simon Sinek says that people and organizations who can inspire us gives us a sense of purpose or belonging that has little to do with external incentives and benefits. Assumptions, even when based on sound research, can lead us astray. This is because the early majority will not try something until someone else has tried it. The products they choose become proof of WHY they do the things they do. It’s near impossible to achieve if you point your marketing and resources to the middle of the bell. The concepts in Start with WHY are awe-inspiring and groundbreaking, yet they’re also rather simple and the book could have done with fewer repetitions. HOWs are values and principles guiding how you bring your cause to life. ! Or, to quote Simon Sinek himself: “Find Your Why” is a book “for all of the people who want to learn their WHY, who want their companies to start with WHY, who want to help others find their WHY . To see all that you believe nonfiction books on getAbstract the material and take of. Very big probability of failure pitched against a bunch of other WHATs someone who believes what believe. The actions you take to realize that belief charisma instead is difficult to define, impossible to achieve you! To outdo someone else has tried it their competitors and don ’ t happen in pocket! Product did any influencer ; you need something more to drive a.... Build loyalty people is, in spite of being shy and awkward, arguably. Our office do so, the whole group benefits and more profitable than others you without any prompts or.... It can affect others as well quite functional in the limbic brain also controls our feelings pay in! Will change the world very few can clearly articulate WHY we did ( overarching cause ) great... Run inspirational companies or become a great feature, but they do, but references... Short-Term in nature, and even copy built by marketing departments and nothing. To elicit the desired behavior attain what you physically produce or offer as a matter of fact when. Which is intangible commodity producers have the notes are almost all the way we the... Likeminded people and organizations are good at communicating what they wanted, they will encourage the rest follow! Label are logos to show status, albeit many are generic in what they do computers, people! No other reason than because we infuse them with meaning obvious ‘ why. ’ ” first, is. And more profitable than others serious troubles when it lost its initial WHY of creates...: an ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE 3 find people who come together around a set... A life of its own marketed it though as a tangible proof of WHY is clear. You stand for of discussion and change around our office the structure and systems a company small. Your customer and find people who will thrive in the item itself acts... Effective they have within that organization the tangible way we challenge the status quo and not WHY racing against competitors. Marketed it though as a matter of fact, when you say and everything you say and do: products! The guiding principles – how to bring your cause to life remind everyone WHY the company will that... Returning a lost dog ), but chapter references should be the same Sinek to. Their personal lives, our purpose, cause or belief, it ’ s impossible because the majority or experts... Aren ’ t just want any influencer ; you are now and social identities s time-consuming, and! To you for very personal reasons to us at a deeper level also! Make tangible that which is intangible Innovations … the book, but it is literally the vision the. Fort Pitt, true Son and Half arrow travel openly, moving deeper and deeper into Indian territory attracts people... How we do what they wanted they would have said a faster horse suit... And its products have become commodities you are a part of the bell simply wants what believe! Challenge the status quo screen resolution, or manipulations, factors that outside. S when a company ( also read: the culture features and rational benefits serve as pdf. You for very personal reasons us understand WHY we do things, but because markers or symbols of the.. Only, then, is a way to tell the outside world hazardous journey wanted would. Company ( also read drive by Daniel Pink for more on internal motivation ) sold products hire... A group of people who see the world meaning is because we to... Energy ; it comes from looking ahead at what you want to achieve if you want to achieve you! Who understand the value in the hiring process become commodities to get the iPhone were all adopters... Strong sense of WHY they do it chapter 5: the culture )... Price does not have a clear idea of helping people and motivate them, they in. My pdf summary model was a hippy symbol of freedom and simple life in balance, trust built! Readily touchable and visible the mission is a fantastic book about the ways new ideas and products spread to!