Native practitioners in rural areas use plant parts or extracts as medications for common ailments. Gynae, hence, a new journal for this specialty titled JCDR-OG can be started. 379 - 380, Premchand Shantidevi Research Foundation (PSRF, India), Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science, thomsonreuters), HINARI Access to Research in Health Programme. At the same time the journal also caters for the high quality articles from specialty and super-specialty researchers. Patients with respiratory depression require assisted ventilation and those with renal failure with oliguria require dialysis. The children had more severe symptoms which included sweating, hypotension, jaundice, bradycardia and convulsions. Only selected articles should find a place in it. The climbing glory lily, Gloriosa superba ‘Rothschildiana’ is an ideal choice for growing in a warm conservatory, where it will scramble up support canes or wires to a height of around 1.2m. My very best wishes to JCDR and hope it will sparkle up above the sky as a high indexed journal in near future." Postgrad Med J. Role of biomarkers of nephrotoxic acute kidney injury in deliberate poisoning and envenomation in less developed countries. G. superba is native to tropical and southern Africa and temperate and tropical Asia. Contact your physician or poison control center immediately is Gloriosa Lily poisoning is suspected. Folpini A, Furfori P. Colchicine Toxicity – Clinical feature and treatment: Massive overdoses case report. board consists of many dedicated and reputed experts as its members and they are doing an Get involved. As an experienced dentist and an academician, I proudly recommend this journal to the dental fraternity as a good quality open access platform for rapid communication of their cutting-edge research progress and discovery. She was started on broad spectrum antibiotics and the IV fluids were continued (4), (5), (6). I strongly recommend medical fraternity to publish their valuable research work in this esteemed journal, JCDR". An added advantage is nominal publication charges and monthly issue of the journal and more chances of an article being accepted for publication. | Month : Prophylactic antibiotic therapy is advisable if leucopaenia is present. However, there are no qualitative or quantitative standards for most of the herbal medications. Associate Professor of Anatomy, Fatal colchicines overdose: report of a case and review of the literature. This will help one’s reviewing skills. The journal has a monthly publication and the articles are published quite fast. Prescribing these native preparations without the knowledge of the toxin levels of the ingredients may result in fatalities. 3. Case of Poisoning by Gloriosa Superba. The superb lily (Gloriosa superba) is an ornamental flowering plant with distinctive red or orange flowers with yellow stamens. Author Hem Chunder Bhuttacharjee 1 Affiliation 1 Sub-Assistant Surgeon, Baraitch. Please enable it to take advantage of the complete set of features! She was brought to the emergency department of the hospital towards noon, with complaints of upper abdominal pain and vomiting of 12 hours duration. The reviewers The poisoning in Gloriosa superba is attributed to cochicine which is the major active alkaloid. S Aleem HM. In the western province of Sri Lanka, Gloriosa superba is responsible for 44% of plant poisonings with a 15% case fatality rate. Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium i e; into the words and sentences on paper. Gloriosa superba is a species of flowering plant in the family Colchicaceae. May be a bimonthly or quarterly publication to begin with. 1989 Oct;65(768):752-5. doi: 10.1136/pgmj.65.768.752. All parts are poisonous, especially tubers (thickened roots) which resemble yams. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and prefers well-drained soil. Tubers of this plant contain several alkaloids. Br J Clin Pharmacol. JCDR is doing a commendable job in scientific research Professor and Head Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital , Kolkata The multidisciplinary nature of the journal makes it a better platform to absorb all that is being researched and developed. On Sep 2018  |  Other common names: Flame lily, gloriosa. Colchicine, the major active alkaloid of Gloriosa, is attributed for the poisoning. Colchicine is concentrated in the seeds and tubers and this mediates its toxicity. Lindsay M, Murray, Colchicine toxicity. Gloriosa superba also known as climbing lily, is a semi-woody perennial climbing herb. The features were reversible with symptomatic treatment alone. "Thank you very much for having published my article in record time.I would like to compliment you and your entire staff for your promptness, courtesy, and willingness to be customer friendly, which is quite unusual.I was given your reference by a colleague in pathology,and was able to directly phone your editorial office for clarifications.I would particularly like to thank the publication managers and the Assistant Editor who were following up my article. 2016 Jun 21;17(1):26. doi: 10.1186/s40360-016-0069-6. 2017 Sep;55(8):914-918. doi: 10.1080/15563650.2017.1325897. Dr. Arunava Biswas "As a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research provides an opportunity to researchers, scientists and budding professionals to explore the developments in the field of medicine and dentistry and their varied specialities, thus extending our view on biological diversities of living species in relation to medicine. Chairman, Research Group, Charutar Arogya Mandal, Karamsad On Sep 2018 | Issue : No hassles. S An yearly reward for the best article authored can also incentivize the authors. Muzaffarnagar Medical College, 2. In medical field whether working in teaching, private, or in corporate institution, everyone wants to excel in his / her own field and get recognised by making manuscripts publication. Herbal medications are gaining popularity, even in developed countries. Having published in more than 20 high impact journals over the last five years including several high impact ones and reviewing articles for even more journals across my fields of interest, we value our published work in JCDR for their high standards in publishing scientific articles. On examination, she was found to be dehydrated; her vitals were stable and she had mild distension of the abdomen with tenderness in the epigastrium. Dr Mohan Z Mani Gloriosa superba poisoning, glory lilly, colchicine toxicity Gloriosa superba is a semi-woody, herbaceous, branching climber which belongs to the Colchicaceae family and has common names like Flame lilly and Glory lilly (Table/Fig 1). Gloriosa superba poisoning - A case report Akhila, CBG and Unnikrishnan, Ramesh (2013) Gloriosa superba poisoning - A case report. Epub 2017 May 23. Mendis S. Colchicine cardiotoxicity following ingestion of Gloriosa superba tubers. J Assoc Physicians India. These features were characteristically present in the present case.The patients (2), (5), (6) may develop respiratory depression, dyspnoea, shock, hypotension, marked leucopaenia, thrombocytopaenia, coagulation disorders, oliguria, haematuria, confusion, seizures, coma and ascending polyneuropathy. Colchicine is the alkaloid extract of Gloriosa superba and it is used in many rheumatological and immunological diseases. Dr. C.S. I strongly recommend my fraternity  |  She eventually died of shock and multi organ failure, after 40 hours of hospitalization.Meanwhile, the tuber which was consumed by her was identified as that of Gloriosa superb, which contains many alkaloids, mainly colchicine. The unusual and exotic flowers of the Gloriosa Lily have been featured on a US postage stamp … I have been associated with this journal since many years. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. A rare case of poisoning by Gloriosa superba. This plant is common in all of tropical Africa and in the Indian sub continent.The tuber is used traditionally for the treatment of joint pains, bruises and sprains, colic, chronic ulcers, haemorrhoids, cancer, impotence, nocturnal seminal emissions and leprosy and also for inducing labour pains and abortion (1), (2). Assistant Professor Clin Toxicol (Phila). Common name: Glory lily. I appreciate the Editor, Dr. Hemant Jain, for his constant effort in bringing up this journal to the present status right from the scratch. If an article is being reviewed by two reviewers, then opinion of one can be communicated to the other or the final opinion of the editor can be communicated to the reviewer if requested for. National Joint Coordinator - Advanced IAP NNF NRP Program Her gastrointestinal symptoms worsened and she developed gross abdominal distension and sluggish bowel sounds. On Sep 2018 As an author and reviewer for several years I find this Journal most suitable and highly recommend this Journal." The response to any query and permission if required, is quite fast; this is quite commendable. pp. (1)All parts of this plant are poisonous. Her post mortem examination revealed inflammation and multiple punctuate haemorrhagic points on her stomach wall and intestines. Gloriosa superba is native and wild to the tropical locales of southern Africa, southeast Asia, China, and India, but has been widely cultivated and grows practically anywhere it is hot, like Australia and the southern United States. Eugone superba, Methonica superba, Gloriosa angulata, Gloriosa carsonii, Gloriosa cirrhifolia, Gloriosa doniana, Gloriosa nepalensis, Gloriosa rockefelleriana, Gloriosa rothschildiana, Gloriosa verschuurii, Gloriosa virescens var.petersiana, Methonica doniana, Methonica gloriosa, Methonica petersiana, Methonica plantii, Methonica senegalensis Initial poisoning symptoms of colchicine develop in 2 to 6 hours. ClinToxicol. The lethal dose is about 60 mg in adults and the fatal period is about 12 - 72 hrs (2).In this case, we noticed all the described symptoms of colchicine toxicity. Department of Pathology The JCDR website especially for the reviewers is quite user friendly. Hence it provides a platform for the scientist and researchers to publish. All parts of the plants are toxic, especially the tuberous rhizomes in view of their high content of colchicines and its derivatives. We report an interesting case of death in a 54 year old housewife, who presented from a remote village in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It has an anti-mitotic activity that arrests mitosis in metaphase. Since then I have authored, co-authored and reviewed about 25 articles in JCDR. Cells with a high turnover and metabolic rate, like the intestinal epithelium, hair follicles, bone marrow cells, etc, are susceptible. "Over the last few years, we have published our research regularly in Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. Kalihari (Gloriosa superba) is an herbaceous tall glabrous branching climber. © Copyright 2007-2020, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, India. MBBS, MD (Pathology), Common names include flame lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, glory lily, gloriosa lily, tiger claw, and fire lily. It produces bright crimson and yellow flowers. I wish all success to your journal and look forward to sending you any suitable similar article in future" This plant is highly toxic and may be fatal if eaten. Dr. Mamta Gupta, HHS 2003;41(3):309-15. doi: 10.1081/clt-120021116. "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (JCDR) is a reputed peer reviewed journal and is constantly Both patients developed anagen effluvium and gastroenteritis 1–2 weeks after consuming the tubers. Kocak Z, Akay H, Gucenmez S,Tufan A, Donderici O. Colchicine intoxication and infection risk: a case report. Case of Poisoning by Gloriosa Superba. Her ECG and 2D-echocardiogram were normal. Case report: a rare case of attempted homicide with Gloriosa superba seeds. J Clin Pharm Ther. This species is a perennial herb growing from a fleshy rhizome. Their systematic approach in publication of article in various categories is really praiseworthy. This is a rainy season plant, and sprouts well in warm, humid, and tropicalconditions. Colchicine is a widely prescribed and effective medication for the treatment of gouty arthritis. Gloriosa superba poisoning. from a JCDR article for my chapter authored in an E book. Aug 2018 It encourages in publishing the scientific articles from postgraduates and also the beginners who start their career. Professor and Head 5 The publication process is systematic and professional. I do not know how reviewing process can be improved. 2011 Gloriosa superba is a semi-woody, herbaceous, branching climber which belongs to the Colchicaceae family and has common names like Flame lilly and Glory lilly (Table/Fig 1). Fluid loss may lead to hypovolaemic shock, which may require fluid resuscitation and / or ionotropic support. 2 See this plant in the following landscape: Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildiana' glory lily 'Rothschildiana' was £4.99 Buy from £2.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. 1998 Oct; 16(6). Dr. Arunava Biswas Moreover being a multi-specialty journal an article concerning a particular specialty has a wider reach of readers of other related specialties also. "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research is at present a well-known Indian originated scientific journal which started with a humble beginning. Department of Pharmacology 1989 Oct; 65(768):752-5. "My sincere attachment with JCDR as an author as well as reviewer is a learning experience . However, a literature search did … The plant is self-fertile. Ramesh Babu" Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (JCDR) is a multi-specialty medical and dental journal publishing high quality research articles in almost all branches of medicine. All parts of these plant are poisonous, especially the tubers. Rootstockis thick, arched, solid, fleshy-white, almost cylindrical or slightly laterally flattened, occurringin pieces of 15-30 cm long, and 2.5 – 3.8 cm thick, often bifurcated with tapering ends, resembling a plough-share, one arm generally more than double the length of the … Background. Death in the severe poisoning cases occurs due to shock, metabolic derangements or respiratory failure. We report two cases of anagen effluvium in the same family secondary to the ingestion of tubers of Gloriosa superba, which contains the antimitotic alkaloid colchicine. General description: A climbing/scrambling tuberous perennial cultivated as an ornamental, but now found mostly in disturbed areas in sandy coastal regions.. Petechial haemorrhages were noticed in the epicardial surface of the heart, kidneys and the lower lobes of the lungs. Colchicine is a mitotic inhibitor that terminates cell division and is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect as an inhibitor of leukocyte migration and the secretion of inflammatory glycoproteins. Poisoning is known to cause very rapid and severe clinical manifestations due gastro intestinal, neurological, cardiac and bone marrow toxicity. | Volume : Contact your physician or poison control center immediately is Gloriosa Lily poisoning is suspected. JAPI. April NLM The best thing about JCDR is that the full articles of all medical specialties are available as pdf/html for reading free of cost or without institutional subscription, which is not there for other journals. On Aug 2018 The ease of submission, the rapid reviews in under a month, the high quality of their reviewers and keen attention to the final process of proofs and publication, ensure that there are no mistakes in the final article. Head, Department of Pediatrics, Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad