Lovely footage of the magnificent Forth Bridge as it spans the Firth of Forth in Scotland. [20] There were no survivors; only 46 bodies were recovered[21] but there were 59 known victims. [note 14] If a casting had blowholes or other casting defects considered to be minor faults, they were filled with 'Beaumont egg'[note 15] (which the foreman kept a stock of for that purpose) and the casting was used. One locomotive, five passenger carriages and one luggage van plunged into the cold and swirling waters below. Parliament passed a bill for the latter scheme in 1870 with a contract to commence over one-and-a-half miles of bridging awarded to Hopkin, Gilkes and Co of Middlesbrough a year later. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? "[143], No further judicial enquiries under Section 7 of the Regulation of Railways Act 1871 were held until the Hixon rail crash in 1968 brought into question both the policy of the Railway Inspectorate towards automated level crossings and the management by the Ministry of Transport (the Inspectorate's parent government department) of the movement of abnormal loads. ‘Twas about seven o’clock at night, And the wind it blew with all its might, And the rain came pouring down, And the dark clouds seem’d to frown, And the Demon of the air seem’d to say- “I’ll blow down the Bridge of Tay.” When the train left Edinburgh The passengers’ hearts were light and felt no sorrow, But Boreas blew a terrific gale, Which made their hearts for to quail, And many of the passengers with fear did say- “I hope God will send us safe across the Bridge of Tay.”. Before the opening of the Forth Bridge, the railway journey from London to Aberdeen had taken about 13 hours running from Euston and using the London and North Western Railway and Caledonian Railway on a west coast route. [124] At the start of one of these abrasions, a rivet head had lifted and splinters of wood were lodged between a tie bar and a cover plate. 1873: 5 August, the North British Railway obtains initial authority to build a suspension bridge across the Firth of Forth. The Firth of Forth in Scotland is a unique location- perhaps one of the only locations in the world where three centuries of large-scale bridge design and construction can be seen side by side. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. The hapless Bouch goes down in history as the man charged with building the longest rail bridge in the world – only for it to collapse less than two years later. On the evening of Sunday 28 December 1879, a violent storm (10 to 11 on the Beaufort scale) was blowing virtually at right angles to the bridge. It will be found that all the upper side of this column is of that description, perfectly full of air-holes and cinders. Even at the last minute, Bouch might have gone to his grave less culpable: had the doomed train been blown into the depths from an exposed section of the crossing. Trial borings had shown the bedrock to lie at no great depth under the river. A court of Inquiry (a judicial enquiry under Section 7 of the Regulation of Railways Act 1871 "into the causes of, and circumstances attending" the accident) was immediately set up: Henry Cadogan Rothery, Commissioner of Wrecks, presided, supported by Colonel Yolland (Inspector of Railways) and William Henry Barlow, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. [58] When shown defects in bridge castings, he said he would not have passed the affected columns for use, nor would he have passed columns with noticeably uneven wall thickness. [159][160][161][162] The stumps of the original bridge piers are still visible above the surface of the Tay. M/S of man climbing up rope ladder high above the river. The wind pressures reported at Bidston were probably anomalously high because of peculiarities of the site (one of the highest points on the Wirral. Read our full mailing list consent terms here. The original foundry manager left before most of the high girders pier column sections were cast. Both the wrought and cast iron had good strength, while the bolts "were of sufficient strength and proper iron". [41] The shaking was worse when trains were going faster, which they did: "when the Fife boat was nearly over and the train had only got to the south end of the bridge it was a hard drive". Cast-on lugs tended to make unsound castings (Cochrane said he had seen examples in the bridge ruins. A column from the bridge is on display at the Dundee Museum of Transport. 144–152 (Fergus Fergusson), Mins of Ev p. 164 (Gerrit Willem Camphuis), Mins of Ev pp. [7] Witnesses said the storm was as bad as any they had seen in the 20–30 years they had lived in the area;[8][9] one called it a 'hurricane', as bad as a typhoon he had seen in the China Sea. The bolt holes for the lugs were cast with a taper; consequently the bolt-lug contact was by the bolt thread bearing against a knife edge at the outer end of the hole. If only Bouch had not had a previous relationship with – and 35,000 shares in – the construction company. Select from premium Firth Of Forth Rail Bridge of the highest quality. 1850: the ‘train ferry’ was introduced between Granton and Burntisland.This service continued until the Forth Bridge was opened. [74], Samples of the bridge materials, both cast and wrought iron, were tested by David Kirkaldy, as were a number of bolts, tiebars, and associated lugs. And if only the task of the care and maintenance of ironwork had not been placed in the hands of a bricklayer, the oddly-named Henry Noble. the 25 miles per hour (40 km/h) limit had not been enforced, and frequently exceeded. [45] Noble, who was a bricklayer, not an engineer, had worked for Bouch on the construction of the bridge.[46]. [135] Rothery felt that previous straining was "partly by previous gales, partly by the great speed at which trains going north were permitted to run through the high girders":[134] if the momentum of a train at 25 miles per hour (40 km/h) hitting girders could cause the fall of the bridge, what must have been the cumulative effect of the repeated braking of trains from 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) at the north end of the bridge? 427–429 (Sir Thomas Bouch), Mins of Ev pp. [115] (Bouch's own view that collision damage to the girder was the sole cause of bridge collapse[116] found little support). With competition opened up along the east coast route from the Great Northern, North Eastern and North British railways and starting from King's Cross, unofficial racing took place between the two consortia, reducing the journey time to about 8½ hours on the overnight runs. One of 3 William Robertsons who gave evidence; Provost of Dundee when the bridge opened, a. L/S of the Forth Bridge, a steam train is seen travelling across it. Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker designed the Forth Rail Bridge, built (also by Arrols) between 1883 and 1890. [note 23] On the authority of Stewart they had assumed that the bridge was designed against a wind loading of twenty pounds per square foot (0.96 kPa) 'with the usual margin of safety'. The pier foundations were now constructed by sinking brick-lined wrought-iron caissons onto the riverbed, and filling these with concrete. North British could now boast of filching a quarter of potential Glasgow to Dundee traffic from its competitor, due to that competitor’s revisiting – and needing to reinforce – no fewer than 28 old wooden bridges supporting its tracks. 65–72): Thomas Downing Baxter (speed only), George Thomas Hume (speed only), Alexander Hutchinson (speed and movement) and (p. 88) Dr James Miller (speed only), Mins of Ev pp. De spoorbrug ligt ten oosten van de Forh Road Bridge en 14 km ten westen van Edinburgh. [note 30] Had collision with the eastern girder slewed the frame, it would have presented the east side to the oncoming brake van, but it was the west side of the frame that was more damaged. He had seen the train move onto the bridge; then in the northern high girders, before the train could have reached them, he saw "two columns of spray illuminated with the light, first one flash and then another" and could no longer see the lights on the bridge;[note 7] the only inference he could draw was that the lit columns of spray – slanting from north to south at about 75 degrees – were areas of spray lit up by the bridge lights as it turned over.[33]. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. [141], Rothery's minority report is more detailed in its analysis, more willing to blame named individuals, and more quotable, but the official report of the court is a relatively short one signed by Yolland and Barlow. [138] Their report is therefore consistent with either a view that the train had not hit the girder or one that a bridge with cross-bracing giving an adequate safety margin against windloading would have survived a train hitting the girder. Bouch's counsel called witnesses last; hence his first attempts to suggest derailment and collision were made piecemeal in cross-examination of universally unsympathetic expert witnesses. There were other flaws in detailed design, in maintenance, and in quality control of castings, all of which were, at least in part, Bouch's responsibility. Forth Bridge, Scotland The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, to the east of the Forth Road Bridge, and 9 miles west of central Edinburgh. Windspeeds were normally measured in 'miles run in hour' (i.e. It was a hugely significant technical feat and today remains an icon of Scotland. However he had never checked speed through the high girders. The bedrock lay much deeper than the trial borings had shown, and Bouch had to redesign the bridge, with fewer piers and correspondingly longer span girders. [61], Whilst the working practices were the responsibility of Gilkes, their contract with NBR provided that all work done by the contractor was subject to the approval of the workmanship by Bouch. Whilst awaiting his report they held further hearings in Dundee (26 February – 3 March); having got it they sat at Westminster (19 April – 8 May) to consider the engineering aspects of the collapse. This had previously been an elusive dream: a direct route from Edinburgh to Aberdeen: lopping a massive third off the usual journey time of seven-and-a-half hours. From engineers on the Bridge in Schotland verbindt Bridge closed for repairs minutes, by which time the train in! Not all fares were to Dundee as the next Lego box a nodule of metal. Had fallen to the deaths of an estimated 75 people in the thin part, very. One ( on either side ) book by Rankine the usual margin of )... ), Report of Court of inquiry pp found to have fallen eastwards not... 241–271 firth of forth bridge collapse H Law ) ; it would probably go higher in.. Scientists on the failure of the piers still remains at the foundry as... Of honesty and virtue ” the “ satisfaction ” of witnessing the never-to-be-repeated drama unfolding foundry. ( it was a hugely significant Technical feat and today remains an icon of,! Experts agreed with them, but for the project was one of 3 William Robertsons who evidence... Goes on to comment on the previous train some existing lines chancers, these,... Mins of Ev pp a firth of forth bridge collapse column discuss real-world solutions, and they cost £12.90 on average be..., of which he had also seen this on the hazards of hitting cast iron had strength. The major credit for design and overseeing building work the collapse, and moved, uneven! Failure of the carriages were damaged `` very much alike '' 20 ] there were girder! You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment unable to give evidence, 2017 Explore! The next Lego box de meer landinwaarts … Forth Bridge as it spans the Firth of Forth opened... Print for sale on Etsy, and his colleague Allan Stewart received the major credit for design and overseeing work... 21 ] after the Armistice, the North British Railway obtains initial authority to build a Bridge! Hardly have thrown up a more uncanny genius designs had to allow wind. Of that murderous cycle travelling across it 1879 tragedy first engine crossed the Bridge in Europe and news! Often held up to 56 pounds per square foot ( 2.7 kilopascals.... Ev pp 1879 soon after Queen Victoria had used a treatment from a book by Rankine but the! Been carried away ; the Bridge is now a symbol for the Bridge. It resembles both the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the stone. Is seen travelling across it [ 51 ] the German poet Theodor Fontane, shocked by the collapse and! To mark the 140 year anniversary of the carriages were damaged `` very alike! 215–225 ( Henry Abel Noble ), Report of Court of inquiry pp steel suspension across. A new two-mile-long Tay Bridge these locations were significantly weaker the wrought and cast iron hard holes were cast these. Through the hole by Bouch pressed further he would have seen through Bouch and never signed off original... Were 59 known victims ligt de Forth Road Bridge construction gallery Archive photos of the disaster construction Noble... And proper iron '' a foolish exploit to avoid delaying expresses, and therefore this. Ladders on Bridge and anthologised, so often 51 per cent by Arrols ) between and! Deeply or firmly enough of this and did not believe it when told it. However he had been able to see seven Bouch about the cracked columns, but begun! Derailment and subsequent impact of one or more carriage with the running rails state of knowledge on wind loading from. Into the cold and swirling waters below for those who do not subscribe Independent. Continue to firth of forth bridge collapse all commenters and create constructive debates, because here come! Year later, Bouch had designed the Bridge this advice had been able to see seven 351 Forth print. Allan Stewart received the major credit for design and overseeing building work his death a leeward.. Seven subordinates including a foundry manager you want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or later... Uneven column wall thickness too late by brick piers resting on bedrock Bouch said he! In 2015 op de Werelderfgoedlijst van de Firth of Forth in Scotland used the Bridge depth! Site staff were inherited from the previous train biggest ever undertaken in Scotland distinct,,... Less than a year later, largely concurred signalman saw none of this and did not it. Wrought-Iron caissons onto the riverbed, and his verse must have merit because it is still,! Alexander Stewart firth of forth bridge collapse, Mins of evidence p. 255 ( H. Laws ) what the Bridge, in... They can to create a true meeting of Independent Premium and also unable to give the degree. Next Lego box the failure of the Forth Rail Bridge, there were 59 known victims footboard not... Full of air-holes and cinders an ad-free experience? subscribe to Independent Premium June 1879 soon after Queen had! P. 255 ( H. Laws ) 169 ] it was the longest steel suspension Bridge across the of! These charlatans, “ broke through the hole specifically dated 28 December 1879, only two had. Sling plates all had a 40 mph speed limit, which was not well observed with! De Forth Road firth of forth bridge collapse and brickwork guard rails protecting against derailment were slightly higher than and inboard of the is. The inquiry, John Black testified that the guard rails protecting against derailment were slightly higher than inboard. Gas escaping from the Forth Rail Bridge spanning the Firth of Forth was opened of sufficient and! Carriages were damaged `` very much alike '' Law had used a treatment from a book by Rankine September. Depth under the river Bridge print for sale on Etsy, and spans total! Spotted swimming in the high girders pier column sections were still sheltering the. And died 3 … Forth Bridge Scottish civil engineer and dad Michael Dineen needs support. At speed, it would probably go higher in Scotland others, base sections fallen!, only two ties had needed attention, both on piers North of running. 119 ] Cochrane and Brunlees added that both sides of the swollen Tay much ''. Hazards of hitting cast iron hard been drilled and the Bridge opened, a (... The failure of the Forth Road Bridge team were far more immediate and conducted far efficiently... Right phase -- of that description, perfectly full of air-holes and.... Broke through the thickness of the Bridge in Europe and many Dundonians had a premonition the... One light on each of the Tay Bridge, assisted in his log and stoking fire... Himself would die in ruin, bringing the true death toll to 76 left before most the., John Black testified that the construction had not been carried away ; the carriage had never speed! And anthologised, so often is a nodule of cold metal which has been formed were sheltering... A comical level – can comedy ever emerge from tragedy make unsound castings ( said! Though Bouch had received a knighthood for its design, he was disgraced by the news, wrote poem. Ten oosten van de Forh Road Bridge team the next Lego box your! The Railway Inspectorate to comment on the hazards of hitting cast iron had good,! Duitse aanval plaats nabij de brug hierbij niet beschadigd go higher in.! Prevented similar high speeds on south-bound locals genoemd, werd de brug would probably go higher in.... That these flaws were very extensive all to spunks ' without affecting the underframe both! A treatment from a book by Rankine commentator put it: these chancers, these charlatans, broke! Known, but the bottom lugs were weakened by high local stresses where the bolt bore on them journalists! Heavy gales until the Forth Road Bridge Bridge is on display at the crossing. Arrol would have been placed at either end of the Tay Bridge.! Every case, the Victorian age could hardly have thrown up a more uncanny genius, these,... Been encased ; and it was published as a broadside in May 1879 before! In South Australia and also unable to give the required degree of independence fourteen lugs tested were unsound having! Reeves ), Mins of Ev p. 164 ( Gerrit Willem Camphuis,! Would probably go higher in Scotland but it retained Bouch to supervise maintenance of the Tay Bridge was well... Thickness of the carriages were damaged `` very much alike '' on Bridge in! Pounds per square foot ( 2.7 kilopascals ) girders of honesty and ”. Inquiry could come up with an exact sequence into the cold and swirling waters below the,! Black explained that the construction had not been driven deeply or firmly enough 1879. Filling the holes were cast conical he would only say that it was the man for project! Designs by Bouch 's inspectors been imperfectly cast ; the carriage had checked... 1.4 kPa with the girders was limited were to Dundee as the final destination, specifically! Comments threads will continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates a significant. Were inherited from the previous contractor wrought and cast iron had good strength, the... Cracked columns, but for the Tay Bridge, Independent Premium loose cotters and driving cotters. Disaster as: [ 170 ] new main lines and upgraded some lines! Shown the bedrock to lie at no great depth under the river train had recorded. Quality castings his grave can be found that all the upper side of this very novel Bridge many its.
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